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Together, we've prevented more than 2.75 Billion plastic bags from entering the environment.


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Eliminating plastic from shopping is a big job.

Today, Lotus Sustainables is the leading alternative to single-use plastic bags. But don't just take it from us, hear what our fans are saying....


"So much more convenient Makes carrying all the grocery at once possible, super nice to organize"

Hollie Forest

" Every shopper should have one of these! Wish I’d had these a long time ago! ”

Jana Waggoner

"Game changer for shop and scanners! COVID-19 has turned me into a serious...”


"Everyone loves it! People are always stopping me and asking me where to get them!"

Amanda Lee

"I love these bags!!! They are so convenient and easy to carry!!! I can load a little or a lot in each bag!!!"

Pamela H.

"Fast checkout using Lotus Bags! My first time using Lotus Trolly Bags for a weekly trip to the grocery store..."


Join us as we make shopping easier for you and better for the planet.


The average American family uses over 1500 plastic bags a year!

We believe that small actions can have big impacts. That's why we created smart, sustainable shopping products that eliminate our need for single-use plastic bags. Imagine never reaching for a plastic bag again! Lotus products streamline your shopping experience and help you live an eco-friendlier life.


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