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Lotus Trolley Bag FAQs

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  • How do I shop & checkout with my Lotus Trolley Bag?

    The Lotus Trolley Bag (LTB) converts your shopping cart into a marvel of efficiency and even (gasp) fun. Spread the bags out in your cart to stay organized while you shop. At checkout, unload one bag at a time so your groceries remain sorted just the way you like them. When you return to your car, lift the bags by the rods to redistribute the weight and move the bags from cart to car like a champion. Want more shopping tips? Learn how to master the "Lotus Trolley Bag shop" here.

  • How do I place the Lotus Trolley Bag inside my cart?

    The bags and rods are tapered in size to match the angle of your cart, and wider in the back where the kiddo sits. Place your LTB in the cart, making sure the outer, largest bag is in the back, closest to you. Then spread the bags toward the front of the cart. Velcro connects the bags to each other so no loose items will fall to the bottom of the cart while you shop. Once your bags are properly in the cart, tuck in any handles

  • What size shopping carts do Lotus Trolley Bags fit inside?

    Our original LTB is designed to fit most major grocery outlet shopping carts. This includes Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Giant, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Korger and so much more! 

    Our Wide Club Cart version is for bulk shopping at stores like Costco, Sam's Club, and BJs.

  • How do I roll up my Lotus Trolley Bag?

    The LTB rolls up into a lightweight over-the-shoulder carrier. To roll up your bags, start by laying the largest bag flat with the Lotus logo facing down. We like to flatten the bag along its original creases. Then, stack the three remaining bags largest to smallest, this time with the Lotus logo facing up. Grab the velcro tab at the bottom of the biggest bag and roll up to meet the velcro strip right above the Lotus logo. Use the closure loop to secure the shoulder strap. Need a visual? Watch this video to see the roll up in action.

  • Will my Trolley Bag still fit in my cart with my kiddo sitting in the child seat?

    Yes!! All four bags will fit in the cart when the child seat is down. If you want the bags to spread open wider, detach one of the bags leaving three in your cart for shopping.

  • Can Lotus Trolley Bags be machine washed?

    Yes! Simply slide out the rods and toss the bags in the washing machine. Wash on a cold, gentle cycle and hang dry. Then reinsert the rods. The insulated bag should not be machine washed. Instead, use a safe disinfectant to wipe down the interior. Learn more about how to wash your LTB here.

  • How much weight can the Lotus Trolley Bag hold?

    Each of the four bags can hold over 50 pounds per bag. That's 200 pounds per LTB set! Our bags feature high quality double stitching, making them the most durable and sturdy bags on the market!

  • How do I use the insulated bag?

    Use your insulated bag to store your cold or hot items for up to four hours. No more ice cream melting on the way home from the store! To clean the insulated bag, simply use a safe disinfectant to spray and wipe down the interior lining.

  • What is the LTB made from?

    Quality was the most important thing for us. To ensure our bags hold all the groceries you can carry we used a strong 120 gsm non woven fabric that is double stitched, durable & washable. The mesh component is made from the same netting that can be found in travel cots, ensuring optimum strength.

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