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How to Roll Up your Lotus Trolley Bag

How to Roll Up your Lotus Trolley Bag

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We designed the Lotus Trolley Bag to be easy—Easy to shop. Easy to machine-wash. And easy to carry. There are two ways to carry an empty Lotus Trolley Bag: You can grab and go with an individual bag. Or you can carry all four bags in one super light-weight bundle. 

Unlike other reusable tote bags, the Lotus Trolley Bag was designed with straps long enough to fit over your shoulder. Making empty (or heavy) bags easier than ever to transport. 

You're a smart cookie! So we don't need to explain you how to sling a single bag over your shoulder. But just in case you forgot, here's a reminder that the Lotus Trolley Bag rods are removable. Feel free to remove the poles for a more comfortable carry. 


How to Roll Up the Lotus Trolley Bag into an Over-The-Shoulder Carrier


Now let's talk about how to roll up your Lotus Trolley Bag into one super light-weight over-the-shoulder carrier. If you’re like us, two hands are not enough.— Cellphone. Keys. Purse. Wallet. Sunglasses. Kids. Dog on a leash. We understand that when you're jugging 100 different things, you may appreciate sustainability, but sometime (ok, all the time), you want the most convenient way to carry your groceries. At Lotus Sustainables, we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice convenience for sustainabilityThat’s why the Lotus Trolley Bag rolls up into an over-the-shoulder bag bundle.

Watch this short video to see some bag rolling action. Or follow the instructions below. 

Start with the largest bag. Lay it flat with the Lotus logo facing down. We like to flatten the bag along its original creases. 

Then, stack the three remaining bags largest to smallest, this time with the Lotus logo facing up

Grab the velcro tab at the bottom of the biggest bag and roll up to meet the velcro strip right above the Lotus logo. 

Use the closure loop to secure the shoulder strap.

That’s it! You and your Lotus Trolley Bag are ready to roll. (If only it were so easy to get our kids out the door.)



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