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We bow to you. And the environment.
Our Story

Namaste (Naa•muh•stay). A greeting of respect; literally, “I bow to you.” Too serious for a company whose flagship product transforms a shopping cart into a marvel of, dare we say, fun? Yeah maybe, but that product — and our others — not only makes grocery shopping easier and more organized; it’s also replaced 4 billion plastic shopping bags — and counting. So to you, namaste. To the environment — very same thing. 

Our founders, Jen and Farzan, dreamed of a world free of plastic bags and in 2017 created Lotus Sustainables to enhance everyday experiences and protect the planet they love. Based in Carlsbad, California, Lotus soon blossomed into a certified B Corp with a mission driven team committed to using business as a force for good. We exist to prove that life without plastic can actually be easier. And that makes life better.

Co Founders + Wife & Husband team, Jennifer and Farzan Dehmoubed

“Make life easier. That’s what we all want. Make life easier WHILE being sustainable? That’s the way to get rid of plastic”

- Jennifer Dehmoubed, Founder

Our Impact

By planting Lotus seeds of sustainability and small acts of kindness toward the Earth, we hope to encourage others to blossom into positive change. Together, we’ve already eliminated the need for over 4 Billion plastic bags and counting!  And, in alignment with our passion to protect the earth, we donate 10% of our profits to like-minded organizations seeking to reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastic.

Ethical Manufacturing

Designing bags sustainably means designing them to last, so we prioritize quality in creating products that make your day easier than plastic ever could! We want every bag we make to live a long, productive life. So, we study the life cycle assessment of all our materials and partner with factories we trust, while ensuring our materials and construction hold up over time.

Our products are ethically manufactured in Xiemen, China, where we have long-standing relationships with our ISO 9001:2015- and ISO 140001-certified manufacturer. And just like us, they are a wife and husband team with a passion for sustainability. Our dedicated facility is audited yearly by an independent third party to ensure they uphold standards of occupational health and safety, enforce humane work hours and wages, and every container is 3rd party tested for quality assurance. Our founders Jen & Farzan visit our manufacturers frequently to inspect production and meet the dedicated team constructing our bags.

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