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How to Shop with the Lotus Trolley Bag

How to Shop with the Lotus Trolley Bag

3 minute read

Welcome to the fastest and easiest way to grocery shop!

Lotus Sustainables founder, Jen, has a gold medal in shopping. Today, she's sharing all her sustainable shopping secrets.

New to the Lotus Trolley Bag, or as we like to call it the LTB? Watch Jen to see a sustainable shopping pro in action. Continue reading below for Sustainable Shopping 101. You'll learn how to fit the LTB into your cart. And how to lift the bags out when they are full of heavy groceries. 

Already got the basics down? Watch Jen's tips and tricks to take your shopping to the next level: 🌟sustainable shopping stardom🌟.   



Sustainable Shopping 101


Pre-Shop: How to fit the Lotus Trolley Bag into your Cart


We designed the Lotus Trolley Bag to fit perfectly inside the cart at your favorite stores, including Target and Walmart.

The bags and rods are tapered in size to be narrow at the front of the cart. And wider in the back where the kiddo sits. 

Place your LTB in the cart, making sure the outer, largest bag is in the back, closest to you. Then spread the bags toward the front of the cart. Velcro connects the bags to each other so no loose items will fall to the bottom of the cart while you shop. Once your bags are properly in the cart, tuck in any handles.

how to fit the lotus trolley bag in your cart

Pro Tip! If you shop at club stores like Sam’s Club, Costco or BJ’s, check out our Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bag with bigger bags for bigger items.

Now it's time for the best!


Shop: How to Shop and Check Out with the Lotus Trolley Bag


Spread the LTB out in your cart to categorize groceries as you go. Put pantry items in one bag. Produce in another. 

Interior pocket are available to keep fragile or smaller items safe. The interior pockets of the largest bag can hold up to two dozen eggs and two bottles of wine or olive oil or even fresh flowers. Whatever items you put in your pockets, rest assured, they will be secure. 

Use your insulated bag to store your cold or hot items for up to four hours. No more ice cream melting on the way home from the store! Now that's worthy of sustainable shopper stardom!

When you reach check out, the organization magic continues! Simply unload your groceries onto the belt, one bag at a time. Watch as your pantry items are scanned one after another. Beep. Beep. Beep. Then right back into the pantry bag they go!

shopping with the lotus trolley bag


Post-Shop: How to lift full bags out of your cart and into your car


Pull your cart up next to your car. Then separate the velcro connecting the bags. 

You can use the handles to lift each bag out of the cart. Or, hold onto the rods of each bag and lift from there. It’s amazing how the rods help to redistribute the weight of heavier bags. You’ll feel like Superwoman (or man) every time you lift.


Congratulations! You just graduated from Sustainable Shopping 101. :)

You now know how to fit the Lotus Trolley Bag into your cart. And how to lift heavy bags out of your cart after you shop. Wait til' we tell Jen. She's gonna be so proud! 




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