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How to Wash Your Lotus Trolley Bag

How to Wash Your Lotus Trolley Bag

3 minute read

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, life gets messy. Spills, leaks, we’ve seen it all. While other reusable grocery totes grow mildew and mold inside, your Lotus Trolley Bag will stay fresh forever!

This forever-fresh superpower is unique to Lotus bags. Only our bags are designed with mold-resistant bottoms that prevent unhealthy fungi from growing where it doesn't belong. And, only our bags are machine washable. This makes the Lotus Trolley Bag the cleanest, healthiest, most convenient bag on the block

So how do you wash your Lotus Trolley Bag? That's as easy as 1-2-3. 

how to wash your lotus trolley bag


3 Steps to Wash your Lotus Trolley Bag


1.  Remove the rods.

Pull out the rods from each bag and set them aside. When your bags are clean and dry, the rods easily slide back into the sleeve. You'll notice a small notch on one end of the rod. This notch ensures that the rod is centered so the bag is secure when hanging from the cart. When sliding the rod into the sleeve, the non-notched end goes first.  

remove the rods from each Lotus bag

2. Wash the bags

The mesh-bottom bags are machine washable. Wash these bags on a cold, gentle cycle. The insulated bag should not be machine washed. Simply use a safe disinfectant to spray and wipe down the interior lining. 

wash on a cold, gentle cycle.    use a safe disinfectant to wipe down the insulated bag

3. Hang your bags to dry.

The bag's mesh lining helps them to dry super fast. So you won't have to wait long before your bags are clean, dry, and ready for another shop! The Lotus Trolley Bag can even be rolled up into a super light-weight carrier.  

lotus trolley bag ready for shopping


Now you know how to wash your Lotus Trolley Bags. But remember, just because you CAN machine wash the bags doesn't mean you'll have to very often. The mesh bottom allows moisture to exit the bags, saving you the hassle of dealing with the mold and mildew that grow inside your other totes. (gross!) It may be cheesy, but we like to say, Have no fear! No mildew here! :)


Once your bags are dry, the next step is to roll them up into a single light-weight, over-the-shoulder carrier. Just like washing your Lotus Trolley Bag, rolling it up is super easy. After you do it once, you'll be an instant pro. Learn how to roll up your Lotus Trolley Bag here


P.S. Our Lotus Produce Bags are also machine washable! Learn more here.




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