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PACIFIC - Carlsbad couple has shopping in the bag

PACIFIC - Carlsbad couple has shopping in the bag

Jen and Farzan Dehmoubed are now accustomed to shoppers following them through the supermarket. In fact, the Carlsbadcouple enjoys the interest.

The Dehmoubeds are drawing lots of appreciative looks and gaining some customers, thanks to their new product, the Lotus Trolley Bag.

It consists of four heavy-duty reusable grocery sacks that hang like accordion files in a shopping cart. Before and after use, they can be folded up in a 2-pound over-the-shoulder carrier that resembles a yoga mat bag. Similar trolley bag systems have been popular for years, especially in other countries, but the Dehmoubeds believe their design is so unique they've applied for a patent.

Since they introduced the Lotus Trolley Bag at Fiesta Del Sol in Solana Beach two weeks ago, the couple has sold several hundred bags and they're now in talks with buyers at two local supermarkets that could begin selling the $30 products as early as next month. (..) READ MORE

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