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35 Ways to Go Plastic-Free with Lotus Produce Bags

35 Ways to Go Plastic-Free with Lotus Produce Bags

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35 Ways to Go Plastic-Free with Lotus Produce Bags


Did you know that families use an average of 125 plastic bags a month. That’s 1,500 single-use plastic bags a year! Year after year, all those plastic bags are adding up to a big plastic pollution problem. 


It doesn’t have to be this way! By refusing to use single-use plastics, we can reduce the amount of plastic pollution and help save our beautiful planet. 


Saying “No.” to plastic, means saying “Yes!” to reusable options that are better for the environment. It is never too late to start new plastic-free habits. 


The next time you’re in the produce department, take better care of your veggies and the planet by opting for reusable bags. Lotus Produce Bags are reusable, washable, food-safe, and BPA-free. That’s a lot more than you can say about a plastic bag! 


But the LPB is so much more than just a produce bag. 


We asked our staff, “How do you use your Lotus Produce Bags?” It was no surprise when most of their answers had nothing to do with grocery shopping. 

Multi Use Bags for Washing Delicates, Organizinfg and Beyond.


Top 35 Things We Put in Lotus Produce Bags (besides fruits and veggies)


  • A loaf of fresh bread

  • Bushels of berries from the farmers market

  • Scoops of nuts in bulk

  • Delicate items for washing

  • Socks in pairs

  • Makeup brushes

  • Lipsticks

  • Eyeshadows

  • Nail polish

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Markers

  • Crayons

  • Art supplies

  • Packed lunch

  • Granola bars

  • Left overs 

  • Action figures

  • Sidewalk chalk

  • Potpourri 

  • Trash (use a Lotus Produce Bag as a washable trashcan liner)

  • Spare keys

  • Dirty shoes

  • Clean shoes 

  • Fancy shoes

  • Golf balls

  • Tennis balls

  • Touch football flags

  • Beach toys

  • Five random things they stopped by the store to pick up 

  • Dominoes

  • Poker chips

  • Seeds

  • Party favor goodie bags

  • Extra phone chargers

Multi Use Bags for Storage, Trave and Produce Shopping.

How will you use your Lotus Produce Bags?

Share a photo of how you use your Lotus Produce Bags on Instagram or Facebook. Tag@lotustrolleybag to show the world how you rock your produce bags!

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