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7 Reusable Products Under $20 for a Healthier, More Sustainable Kitchen

7 Reusable Products Under $20 for a Healthier, More Sustainable Kitchen

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Our kitchens are plastic wastelands! From brewing single K-cups of coffee to packing school lunches to storing leftovers, virtually everything creates plastic waste.

One reason we continue to buy plastic baggies and plastic bottles of dish soap is because they are so cheap! 

At Lotus Sustainables, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice affordability for sustainability. That’s why we put together this list of 7 Reusable Products Under $20 for a More Sustainable Kitchen. This list proves that going green doesn’t have to cost a lot of green

Swapping out plastic for these affordable, sustainable options will save you more than just money. Using plastic-free products protects you and your family from harmful BPA poisons. When our food and beverages are stored in plastic, they are exposed to BPA chemicals that have been linked to serious health issues including obesity, learning disorders and cancer. 

Our list of 7 Reusable Products Under $20 for a Healthier Kitchen includes storage solutions that will keep your food fresher longer than plastic wrap ever could.

Plus, when you switch to sustainable, zero-waste products, you produce less garbage. That means less work taking out the trash! #winning

So let’s get to it! 

7 Reusable Products Under $20 for a Healthier and More Sustainable Kitchen


Bee's Wrap - Assorted 3 Pack

$18.00 (pack of 3)

Plastic wrap, meet your match! Bee’s Wraps not only seal and store food, they are washable, reusable, and biodegradable. These ethically sourced, made-in-America wraps are available in a range of sizes and colors. But you can’t go wrong stocking your sustainable kitchen with the Assorted 3 Pack.

Bee's Wrap Assorted 3 Pack - Reusable Products

Food Huggers - Set of 5

$12.95 (pack of 5)

Food Huggers …more like food savers! These ingenious silicone products keep food fresher longer than traditional (a.k.a wasteful) tactics. Reusable Food Huggers replace plastic wrap, tinfoil, baggies, and paper towels. From avocado- to butter-huggers, Food Huggers has you covered.

Food Huggers - Reusable Products

cleancult - Soap Refill


If you already have a soap dispenser, then what you need is more soap, not more plastic. Cue cleancult’s line of all-natural soap refills. Packaged in 100% recyclable, paper-based cartons, you won’t find more eco-friendly soaps. Available in hand soap, all purpose cleaner, and liquid dish soap 

P.S. For spill-free pours, cleancult also has a plastic-free funnel that just maybe worth the $3.95 

Klean Kanteen - Stainless Steel Straw Set

$9.95 (set of 5 straws and cleaning brush)

Take a sip of satisfaction knowing that you’re making healthier, more sustainable choices for your kitchen. The United States uses millions of plastic straws a day! And because of their size, plastic straws cannot be recycled. Klean Kanteen’s Stainless Steel Straws, complete with a Straw Brush, allow you to enjoy your favorite beverages guilt-free.   

Stainless Steel Straws - reusable products

iPartsPlusMore - Reusable Coffee K-Cups

$10.95 (pack of 4)

This next sustainable kitchen product is for the K-cup coffee drinkers out there. We totally understand. Sometimes you’re the only coffee-drinker in the house. Sometimes it’s just easier to make one cup at a time. iPartsPlusMore Reusable Coffee K-Cups are the perfect combination of convenience and sustainability. Trust us, no coffee tastes smoother than zero-waste coffee.

reusable coffee filter - reusable products

Stasher - Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag


Don’t let the name fool you. You can stash more than sandwiches in these resealable, washable silicone bags. With uses from school lunches to first aid kits, we bet you won’t stop at just one Stasher Sandwich Bag. Stasher bags come in a variety of colors and sizes, making it easy to give up single-use plastic baggies and ziplock bags for good. 

stasher sandwich bag - reusable products

Lotus Sustainables - Lotus Produce Bags

$16.99 (pack of 9: three of each size S, M, L)

Single-use plastic produce bags are sooooooo 1950’s. This is the 21st century! We are way too smart to keep polluting our planet and bodies with the harmful effects of plastic.

lotus produce bags - reusable products

Take the Lotus Produce Bag Challenge!

Replace single-use plastic bags with these durable, reusable, washable and breathable mesh produce bags and see the difference for yourself. You’ll notice your fruits and veggies stay fresher longer in your refrigerator. That’s right! No more slimy, rotten produce. Your healthier, more sustainable kitchen starts right here.



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