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Adventures of Grocery Shopping with the Lotus Cart Clip

Adventures of Grocery Shopping with the Lotus Cart Clip

5 minute read

Meet Nicole!

Nicole has three kids. Caleb is thirteen. Bobby just turned eight. And little Gracey is three already!

One morning, after the boys left for school, Nicole turned to Gracey and said, “Oh no, Gracey! Your brothers have eaten everything in the house!” 

“Oh no!” Gracey said, covering her hands with her mouth. But she knew this was just part of the game. Her brothers were total pigs. They ate everything! But Gracey didn’t mind. Because this meant she and her mom would be heading to the grocery store.

An hour later, Nicole paused before scooping up Gracey’s hand and guiding her out of the house. She checked to make sure she remembered everything: wallet, phone, keys, reusable grocery bags, and the Lotus Cart Clip. 

“Ok, baby girl! Let’s go.” 

On the way to the store, Gracey asked, “Mama, what are we gonna make this time?”

“I think we should make one of your favorites. But only if we do it from scratch.” Nicole said, making eye contact through the mirror.

Gracey’s eyes lit up! She loved cooking with her mom. She had a special ladder for washing fruits and vegetables, and sometimes she was in charge of mixing. She was also the Official Measurement Checker. Nicole thought this was a cute way to start teaching her baby about spoons and cups. Recently on the way to the store, Gracey had started asking what they were going to make next. Nicole started to realize that her little girl loved shopping for ingredients almost as much as she loved cooking.

“What mama!?” Gracey squealed, her excitement making her squirm in the car seat. 

“Strawberry popsicles!” Nicole watched her daughter’s delight through the rearview mirror. 

The first time Nicole and Gracey shopped for ingredients together, Nicole was so excited at her daughter’s interest. She scooped Gracey up, and placed her in the shopping cart seat. “First, we set up our cart so we can stay organized in the store!” Nicole told Gracey, spreading her Lotus Trolley Bag into the shopping cart and the Lotus Cart Clip onto the cart’s handlebar. She placed her phone into the cart clip’s non-slip bracket and pulled her shopping list onto the screen. She marveled at how she could let go of her phone without putting it down. Shopping with Gracey required two free hands. 

“Ok, baby girl, this is how we grocery shop for our family!” Nicole said, as entered the store. 

When the “how-we-grocery-shop-for-our-family” lesson did not go as she had imagined, Nicole reminded herself that Gracey is only three.

Five minutes after that, Nicole said goodbye to her shopping list as she opened Gracey’s favorite game app. Then she rotated her phone to horizontal and swiveled the Lotus Cart Clip to face her daughter. While Gracey played memory games, Nicole completed her shopping, knowing most of her list by heart anyway. 

By now, Nicole had figured out how to keep her baby chef least for a little while. On the way to the store, she would tell Gracey about one special thing the two of them would make together. This time, it was strawberry popsicles! The three-year-old held a razor-sharp focus as they visited the produce aisles to collect the necessary ingredients. 

Satisfied with her shopping efforts, Gracey started to yawn as they rounded the corner into the next, non-popsicle-related aisle. She grew sleepier as Nicole placed two bottles of wine into the Lotus Trolley Bag wine pockets. 

Smiling at her sleeping baby, Nicole pulled out her earbuds. The boys ate everything in the house. It seemed like if she didn’t grocery shop every three days, they would eat the furniture! But she didn’t mind. As she scrolled on her phone to open her latest audiobook (Nicole loves her romance novels.), she strolled through the aisles, adding yummy, healthy items into the cart for her growing family.

Before turning into the checkout lane, Nicole removed her earbuds and returned her attention to her phone, still sturdily mounted in the Lotus Cart Clip displaying her shopping list. She cross-checked list to cart. There is nothing more annoying than forgetting something that is clearly written on your list. She thought, only half wishing that Gracey was awake for this piece of motherly wisdom. 

Nicole removed her phone from the cart clip bracket and slid it into her back jean pocket. She released the Lotus Cart Clip from the handlebar and dropped it into her purse.

Now for the ultimate challenge. Checking out, loading the car, and getting home without Gracey waking up!

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