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How to Have an Eco-Friendly and Safe Halloween in 2020

How to Have an Eco-Friendly and Safe Halloween in 2020

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Attention kiddos everywhere! Don’t worry, Halloween 2020 is happening. According to a recent poll, 74% of millennial moms and young parents believe that celebrating Halloween is more important than ever this year. Parents and kids agree, we need to have some fun! 

So what does a fun Halloween look like during the Coronavirus? Here are some spooktacular, eco-friendly ideas for having fun and staying safe. 



Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Decorations are like Halloween costumes for your home! Halloween decorations are a great way to break out of everyday living.

However, from fake spider webs to single-use party plates, some “traditional” Halloween decorations can have a scary impact on the environment. Here are some eco-friendly Halloween decoration ideas that capture the spirit without the waste. 


While pick-your-own pumpkin patches may not make the safety standards in your state or local area, pumpkins are popping up at grocery stores everywhere just waiting to be carved! And spending a Saturday with the fam carving pumpkins is definitely a COVID-friendly experience. When you display your jack-o-lanterns on the front stoop or inside by the window for all to see. 

Bonus tip! Roasted pumpkin seeds are delicious and nutritious! Repurpose your scooped-out seeds for a festive fall snack.  

Build-Your-Own Scarecrow

Purchase a couple bales of hay or straw at your local farm stand and stuff an old pair of jeans and flannel shirt. Use a pumpkin for the head and draw on your best scary face. 

Second Hand Decorations

If you can’t live without glow-in-the dark skeletons and witches’ cauldrons, visit your local GoodWill, Salvation Army, and other thrift stores in your area. Make plastic decorations eco-friendly by storing them in a closet, attic, or basement to use again year after year.

halloween decorations in a box stored for next year

Virtual Costume Parade

Who needs to see your costumes? Grandma and Grandpa? The neighbors? Your arch nemesis? Schedule a time for everyone to log on in costume. Then take turns showing off your getups. 

Family Scary Movie Night

Staying home and watching scary movies checks all the boxes. Halloween fun: check! COVID-safe: check! Eco-friendly: check! With all the streaming services available, there’s a Halloween-themed movie for every age group. Set the mood with candles and popcorn. Break out the big blanket for the whole family to cuddle up. And press play on your freaky feature presentation.

family scary movie night



This year, it is important to refer to local guidelines set by the CDC. However, everyone out trick-or-treating should wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose and socially distance from others outside their household. Here are two more eco-and-healthy trick-or-treat traditions to try:

Knock and Drop

If you do decide to go door-to-door, this year it is more important than ever to practice safe distancing from homeowners and other trick-or-treaters alike. One way to keep your distance is with the Knock and Drop. Here’s how it works: First, you knock. Then you drop your trick-or-treat bag in front of the door and step back six feet. When the homeowner opens the door, you say, “Trick-or-treat!” while they place goodies in your bag. After they close the door, you can collect your bag and move on to the next house!

Bonus tip! Lotus Trolley Bags and Produce Bags are not only eco-friendly trick-or-treat bags, but they are machine-washable too! On November first, toss them in the wash for a fresh start. 

Treats Only

Nothing says “eco-friendly and healthy Halloween” like individually plastic-wrapped candy. Talk about a trick! This year, consider skipping the candy collection. Instead, spend that time brewing homemade apple cider. Apple cider is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, a delicious treat for your immune system.

However you decide to celebrate, remember to have fun and be safe. From all of us at Lotus Sustainables, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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