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More Ways to Use Lotus Produce Bags

More Ways to Use Lotus Produce Bags

3 minute read

Don’t let the name Lotus Produce Bags fool you. These bags are the perfect pouch for so much more than just fruits and vegetables.

Here are just a few of the creative ways we’ve seen these bags being used. (This is just the beginning! If we listed all the uses for Lotus Produce Bags, we’d be here all night! And no one has that kind of time.) 


More Ways to Rock Your Lotus Produce Bags Beyond the Produce Aisle 


Arts and Crafts


Keep markers, pens and crayons together in a sturdy pouch. No worries if a pen leaks! Just throw that produce bag in the washing machine. 

Large Lotus Produce Bags are big enough to fit all your knitting supplies, including needles, yarn, and pattern books. 

Beads, tape, lanyards, brushes, scissors. These reusable mesh bags are an excellent way to store creative supplies. 


Laundry Mates


Tired of losing socks to the mysterious dryer vortex? Put your pairs in a produce bag! The drawstring close will keep your socks coupled up from wash to dry. Think of all the time you'll save not looking for that second sock!

Lotus Produce Bags protect more than just socks during the soapy cycle. Fill the the bags with your delicate items (bras, tights, bathing suits). Pull the drawstring closed. And throw 'um into the machine. Talk about multi-tasking! You can wash your underwear and your produce bags at the same time!




These mesh pouches are perfect for staying organized while on the go. We can't pack for a trip without Lotus Produce Bags.  We fill a small bag with makeup. A medium bag with toiletries. And a large bag! (Who wants their dirty shoes sitting next to their clean clothes? Lotus Produce Bags save the day.) 

We also love these mesh bags because they are super lightweight. That means your purse can be organized with no extra weight to carry around. 


Homemade Nut Milks


Ever think of making your own almond, cashew or coconut milk? It's easier than you think! Learn how to use your Lotus Produce Bag to master your own milk. 


How will you use your Lotus Produce Bags?


Share a photo of how you use your Lotus Produce Bags on Instagram or Facebook. Tag @lotustrolleybag to show the world how you rock your produce bags!



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