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Tips for a Faster, Easier Thanksgiving Shop in 2020

Tips for a Faster, Easier Thanksgiving Shop in 2020

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Thanksgiving shopping is hectic enough without the added stress of a pandemic. I totally understand that this year, you need your holiday shopping to be as fast and easy as possible. You want to get in and get out with everything you needed to put on your perfect Thanksgiving. 

Girl, I’ve got you (and your cart) covered! 

thanksgiving shopping with the lotus trolley bag

I live to make your holiday shopping as fast and easy as possible!—Not to mention green and clean.—This Thanksgiving, one thing you can be grateful for is that you’ve got me, your Lotus Trolley Bag (aka your personal shopping assistant).

First, I’ll spread my bags open to protect your treasured groceries from coming into contact with the less-than-clean cart. Then you’ll use my bags to sort items and stay organized while you shop. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything important. (Save the hubs from having to run out for nutmeg later. There's nothin’ fast or easy about that! 😉)

And hey, what's Thanksgiving without a little vino? I get drunk with love whenever my specialty pockets are fill with wine. Precious cargo deserves premium placement.

lotus trolley bag wine pocket

Next, we’ll charge through checkout, one bag at a time. You’ll be the fastest checker-outer in the county! I’ll let you take all the credit.🤐

You’ll be the greenest checker-outer too! My four bags can hold over 200 pounds of groceries. So you won’t be needing any of those pesky plastic bags. Fill me up with pumpkins, sugar, and spice! I can carry it all.

the lotus trolley bag can carry more than 50 pounds per bag

When it’s time to give up the cart, fear not! I’ll still be with you, making it fast and easy for you to load the groceries into your car. All you gotta do is lift each bag by the rods. 

A short drive later, into your house we’ll go! I’ve got these extra long handles so you can easily carry me over your shoulders. Is there anything worse than a grocery bag with short handles?! 

The last step is to unload your Thanksgiving groceries. Which I also make super fast and easy.

All the pumpkin pie ingredients are together in the blue bag, the stuffing ingredients are in the purple bag, the produce is in the beige bag, and the ice cream is in the insulated bag. No more criss-crossing around the kitchen putting things away. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Yup. I am a fast, easy, green, and clean shopping machine!

Actually, I’m a four-bag shopping system. But you get the idea! With me in tow (or in cart), you’ll have shopping speed and organization like never before. 

So don’t stress. We’ve got your Thanksgiving shop in the bag! 


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