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Top 4 Ways Lotus Produce Bags are Better than Plastic

Top 4 Ways Lotus Produce Bags are Better than Plastic

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When you're shopping for produce, plastic produce bags seem like the only way to shop. All you have to do is grab a bag and tear it from the roll. They give these bags away for free! How bad can they be?

Single-use produce bags take centuries to degrade. That means that every plastic bag ever used is still out there, sitting in a landfill or floating in the ocean.

Plastic produce bags also contain harmful BPA chemicals that leach into our fruits and veggies. BPA has been linked to serious health concerns, including cancer, infertility and obesity.

If you're like us, once you know these basic bag facts, you'll never look at a plastic bag as having the same convenient charm again.

Lucky for us, there is a easier, faster, and greener way to shop: Lotus Produce Bags!

Switch to Lotus Produce Bags and say goodbye to flimsy plastic bags that pollute our planet and our bodies forever!


Top 4 Ways Lotus Produce Bags are Better than Plastic


1. No BPA poison allowed!


Unlike single-use plastic bags, Lotus Produce Bags are BPA-free. That means no more harmful chemicals being absorbed into your food and then your body.

From now on, your fruits and veggies contain only the crisp, juicy goodness Mother Nature intended. #nakedveggies are #happyveggies


2. We give you a sense of security


Go ahead, close the bag! Nothing is getting out…until you want it to. Lotus Produce Bags' drawstring and bead closure make these reusable mesh bags easy open and close and open again.

No more twisty ties that break. No more knots that won’t come undone so you have to rip open the bag. It's never been easier to load up and seal up again and again. 


3. We understand that size matters


Melons, celery stalks, lemons. Not all fruits and veggies are created equal. That’s why Lotus Produce Bags come in 3 color-coded sizes: small, medium and large.

All our bags are double-stitched making them strong enough to hold up to 25 pounds! Try packing 16 oranges into one single-use plastic bag. You'll end up chasing 16 oranges rolling on the floor when the bottom of the bag busts. Try to carry 16 oranges in a large Lotus Produce Bag. Success!

Each set of Lotus Produce Bags includes 9 bags, 3 of each size. You might call yourself the Goldilocks of the produce aisle. Because you only use the bag that is just right. 


4. You're loving the earth one bag at a time


The average American family uses over 1,500 plastic bags a year!Most of those bags end up in landfills, taking hundreds of years to break down. Or they go to our oceans where they threaten the lives of dolphins, turtles and more.

Reusable Lotus Produce Bags help reduce the use of plastic bags. Thank you for making life better for the planet.




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