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About Us _ jen and farzan

Hi! We are Jennifer and Farzan Dehmoubed, two individuals with a passion for love, life & the earth. Just before getting married in 2015, we put our hearts together and asked ourselves, “what is our vision for our marriage?” “What is the legacy we want to create?”
At the time, we were working long hours in completely separate industries, coming home exhausted each night only to repeat the next day. Upon posing those empowering questions, it quickly dawned on us that our vision was to co-create something meaningful together. A business with impact. Before you know it, California was proposing a bag ban in 2016 and we were on a mission to help clean up this planet and eliminate single-use plastics from shopping! We care deeply about the earth and we understand the urgent need to reduce harmful plastic waste. We know every act helps and that together we can make a difference. 
With the average family using over 1,500 plastic bags per year, together we have already eliminated the need for over 200 MILLION plastic bags! So to our wonderful customers, our earth family and supporters in this mission, we thank you. And in turn, we are committed to ethically designing solutions for you that are high-quality, long-lasting, useful and stylish, so that together we can make a big impact.
Sustainably Yours,

Jen & Farzan

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