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Our Passion

Wife & husband team and Lotus Sustainable Founders, Jen and Farzan
This is our PASSION.


Ever imagine a world free of plastic bags? We did and that is why we started Lotus Sustainables. There is just no reason to use single-use plastic bags. Many countries (and some of our states!) already ban them. We are on a mission to change our habits and protect the planet we love.
We got to work on a smart, sustainable solution: Enhance everyday shopping experiences and make it simple to swap plastic for sustainability. Together, we can work to make plastic bags obsolete. In fact, so far we have prevented more than 3.5 BILLION plastic bags from entering landfills!

Today, Lotus Sustainables is the leading alternative to single-use plastic bags. From our headquarters in Carlsbad, California, we’re designing sustainable products —sold online and in retail stores across the country—to make shopping easier, faster, and greener than ever!
How’d we do it?
At Lotus Sustainables, we’re on a mission to eliminate plastic bags from shopping.
It’s a big goal. But we’ll get there!
How? By planting Lotus seeds of sustainability—small acts of kindness toward the earth and others—that blossom into positive change.
A single act, like using a Lotus Trolley Bag, can blossom into something inspiring: over 3.5 Billion plastic bags prevented from entering into the environment.
Help us plant Lotus seeds of sustainability by refusing to use single-use plastic bags! Unlike Big Plastic, we study the lifecycle assessment of all our materials and partner with factories we trust.
Our Mission
Sustainably Designed for Longevity
Designing bags sustainably means designing them to last. We want every bag we make to live a long, productive life so we prioritize quality, ensuring our materials and construction hold up over time.
Our products are ethically manufactured in Xiemen, China, where we have long-standing relationships with our ISO 9001:2015- and ISO 140001-certified manufacturer. And just like us, they are a husband and wife team with a passion for sustainability. Our dedicated facility is audited yearly by an independent third party to ensure they uphold standards of occupational health and safety and enforce humane work hours and wages. Our founders Jen & Farzan visit our manufacturers frequently to inspect production and meet the dedicated team constructing our bags. They even got to name the factory:)
Building a quality product is near and dear to our hearts. We strive to create products that are not only a pleasure to use but they are built to last, to make shopping easier, faster and greener than ever!

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