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Black Lives Matter

To all customers, supporters, and friends: 


As the founders of Lotus Trolley Bag, we would like to issue an official statement about Black Lives Matter. It’s possible some of you have noticed the posts we’ve had on our social channels offering education and resources for how to get involved, but we want to ensure the message is heard loud and clear.  


Let it be known that Lotus Trolley Bag stands with Black Lives Matter, and we are educating ourselves in how to be a more effective antiracist organization. We know that silence equates to complacency, and we refuse to let our community be part of the centuries-old system that continues to ensure Black people are not valued in this country.


Right now, with the momentum of the nation behind us, visibility, conversation, education, protests, donations - all of this is crucial. Racism in America is nothing new and has always been horrific. The only difference is now it is getting filmed more often, which gives us a way to hold those in power accountable. The first instance of police brutality being caught on camera was Rodney King’s beating in Los Angeles, 1992. That’s almost three decades of video evidence with little to no progress being made towards true equity. We must do more because what we have done so far has not worked.  


Our support of BLM should come as no surprise as our company has always been centered around activism. We started Lotus Trolley Bag because we saw a problem with plastic waste and felt we could help to solve it in our own small way.We have donated to the ACLU and bail funds, been present at marches across San Diego, designated Juneteenth as a paid company holiday, and are adamant on continuing our work far past when BLM is pushed out of trending news. 


We will stand firm on our knowledge that this is an ethical issue. We, along with everyone, have a responsibility to ensure we are doing everything we can to support the Black community. Our education in antiracism will be ongoing, and we will reassess regularly to ensure we are being as productive and current in our efforts as we can be. Neutrality in matters of race does not exist, and we implore you to join us in getting involved. We are so proud of the community we have cultivated with Lotus Trolley Bag and look forward to collaborating with you and our network in newer, better ways. 


Thank you.

Jennifer & Farzan


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