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Sustainable Mission

We've prevented 400,000,000 plastic bags from entering the environment

The shocking truth is more than 90% of plastic cannot be recycled, including plastic bags. In fact, every plastic bag ever produced is still out there, polluting our oceans and air. 

At Lotus Sustainables, we are on a mission to eliminate plastic bags from shopping! Our goal is to change the way people shop by empowering them to go plastic-free. 

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience for sustainability. That’s why we design reusable, time-saving, life-organizing products that are soooooooooooo much better than basic plastic bags. Can a plastic bag keep your ice cream cold? Nope. But our Lotus Trolley Bag can! 

By changing the way we shop, we’re preventing millions of plastic bags from entering our environment every year!

We know our customers value sustainability as much as we do. So we only use environmentally ethical materials and partner with factories we trust.


In order to deliver the highest quality reusable grocery bags, we needed our products to be both sturdy and eco-friendly. Non-woven polypropylene, or NWPP, is an extremely durable and sustainable material. 

Scientists determine sustainability by evaluating the entire lifecycle of a product—the materials and resources used during manufacturing, number of times the product is used, and the pollution of disposal. 

These charts show that not all grocery bags are created equal.

our manufacturing costs on the environment

our disposal costs on the environment 

All our bags are designed with optimized layouts to minimize yardage of fabric needed. Orders are shipped in plastic-free packaging.

Lotus Trolley Bags - 120 gsm NWPP

Lotus Produce Bags - Polyester white mesh; BPA-free

Organic Produce Bags - 100% raw organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standards



Our products are ethically manufactured at a family-owned facility in  Xiamen, China. Why China? China is far ahead of the US in environmental sustainability initiatives such as clean energy production and recycled fabric manufacturing. We have long standing relationships with our ISO 9001-2015 manufacturer. Our facilities are audited yearly by an independent third party to ensure they are upholding standards of occupational health and safety, and humane work hours and wages are enforced.

our lotus sustainables production team

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