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More Ways to Use Your Lotus Trolley Bag

More Ways to Use Your Lotus Trolley Bag

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From the farmers market to a family beach vacay, the Lotus Trolley Bag is perfect for packing whatever you need, wherever you go. 

The Lotus Trolley Bag was designed with grocery shopping in mind. That's why we included rods that allow the bags to stand upright in your cart. But we know that you do more than just grocery shop! 


No Cart. No Problem.


At Lotus Sustainables, we like to say, No cart. No problem! Simply slide the rods out of their sleeves and set them aside for later. 

pull out the rods to use each bag individually

Once you pull the rod out, you will notice a little notch close to one end. This notch is to keep the rod centered within the sleeve. When you reinsert the rod, the non-notched end goes in first. Pull the rod through until the notch provides a stop. 

Ok! So your rods are removed and you’re ready to roll. Oh the places you can go with the Lotus Trolley Bag! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use the individual bags.


Farmers Market

One of our favorite places to use the Lotus Trolley Bag is the farmers market. If you’re serious about eliminating plastic from your shopping, the farmers market is the place to shop! We get excited just thinking about all those unpackaged fruits, veggies, breads and treats. Throw a Lotus bag over your shoulder and take a stroll down to the farmers market. You’re sure to be the envy of every shopper with your on-the-go LTB. 

lotus trolley bags are perfect for the farmers market


The Beach

Another way to use your Lotus Trolley Bags is to pack up beach toys. The bags’ mesh bottom allows sand to sift through. Shake the bags out before you put them in your car.  The beach is great. But that doesn’t mean you want to take it home with you!

the lotus trolley bag at the beach

Another great way to use Lotus bags is for a beach cleanup! (If you don't live near the beach, visit a local park). Wear gloves as a safety precaution and walk around picking up loose trash. You'll be amazed at how much waste is left behind! Lotus bags are perfect for beach and park clean ups because the mesh bottoms allow the sand and dirt to fall back onto the ground. When you get home, simply wash the Lotus bags, and they will be as good as new for your next grocery shopping adventure. This is a great activity for the whole family. 

use lotus bags for beach clean ups


Soccer Practice

Speaking of the mesh bottoms, these bags are perfect for balls, pads, cleats, and other sports equipment. Other bags trap odors, giving you a knockout whiff every time you reach inside. Breathable Lotus bags ensure your nose is safe from pungent problems. Plus, our mesh bags are machine-washable! So you can keep them fresh forever. 



Use the large insulated bag to pack a picnic or snacks for the entire family. Bring your Lotus cooler bag to a park or sporting events. Relax and stay a while! The insulated bag will keep your item cold for up to four hours.

take the insulated lotus bag on a picnic


The Bowling Alley

Bowling anyone? That’s right! You can even use a Lotus Trolley Bag to carry your bowling balls. Each bag can hold over 50 pounds. That’s 200 pounds per LTB! And with straps the fit over your shoulders, these bags are virtually effortless to carry. 


How will you use YOUR Lotus Trolly Bag? 

Remember, the Lotus Trolley Bag can do a lot more than help you stay organized and check out faster at the grocery store. Remove the rods to use the bags individually. Where will you take your Lotus bags? Tag us @lotustrolleybag on Instagram to show us how you use your Lotus Trolley Bag for a chance to win a free set of Lotus Produce Bags!




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