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Giving Back

As an environmentally conscious and responsible company, Lotus Sustainables donates 1% of every sale to 1% for the Planet, the Plastic Pollution Coalition or Surfrider Foundation, all of whom have made significant and positive impacts through their grassroots efforts to eliminate single-use plastic bags.

The money we donate together from every sale of our Lotus Trolley Bags will help these organizations achieve their visions, missions and represent another way for us to give back as a company, a core principle to our mission.

Lotus Trolley Bag supports One Planet Charity1% For The Planet is an environmental non-profit connecting donors to other credible environmental organizations fighting against climate change, single-use plastics and other forms of pollution, while ensuring a sustainable environment.








Lotus Trolley Bag supports Plastic Pollution CoalitionPlastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of government and thought leaders, environmentalists and celebrities working toward a world free of single-use plastic and combating plastic’s toxic impact. PPC encourages individuals, businesses and corporations to change their behavior by using eco-friendly alternatives.


Lotus Trolley Bag supports the Surfrider FoundationSurfrider Foundation is engaging environmental experts to create solutions, unite local and national resources to protect the coast, and leverage its local chapter network’s knowledge with a national perspective. A great foundation with a great purpose.

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